You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Acts: 9:36-42

~ Tonya Masoner


Although very little is mentioned about Dorcas, I have great respect for her. She was a faithful disciple by always doing kind things for others and the poor and a benefactress by using her gift of sewing to become a respected leader in her community.

I admire her “get-her done” attitude. She saw a need and she used the gift God had blessed her with to fulfill that need. How many of us today, are like Dorcas? Do we see a need and do something about it or do we see a need and pray someone else does something about it?

God blessed Dorcas with a beautiful gift of sewing. I don’t know much about sewing. But I do know I don’t have the time, talent or patience for such tedious handy work. She sewed in such a selfless manner and without any doubt or question from to God.

How many of us have questioned God regarding the gift he has blessed us with? I have. God of all the gifts you could have blessed me with, this is it? This is what you bless with? What am I suppose to do with this? God never answered me, so to say but he did show me.

God showed me it wasn’t about me but about Him. My focus was all wrong. I was looking at it through my eyes when I should have been looking through God’s eyes. I was focused on me. How was this position going to make me happy? What was in it for me? And not how God was going to use me to get the glory.

I’m a custodian at a junior high school. I clean for a living and every day I can be an example of God’s love to the teachers, students, visitors and parents who walk in and out those double doors. My community is my workplace. Like Dorcas, I want to be doing kind things for others. I want to help my teachers be more productive and to get the most out their students. You’ve heard the saying, If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Well, I have a saying, “If my teachers are happy, then I’m happy and I’ve done my job right.”

A few weeks after school started, our principal pulled me to the side and said, “I just wanted to tell you this”. “Okay”. I thought. A few nights ago he had brought his two-year old son with him to pick something up from his office. Before they left, his son needed to use the bathroom. The first thing he said was, “Why is the water blue, Daddy? He replied, “Tonya’s been cleaning.” I guess it’s one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments. But for me, I won’t forget this little reminder of God saying “thank you.”

Rather than wishing you had other gifts, use the gifts God has given you.

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