Putting the Pieces Together

Acts 9: 36-42


This week we are sharing our prose on a lady from the New Testament named Dorcus.

We all recognize the name Lazarus. Remember, Mary & Martha’s brother whom Jesus raised from the dead? Lazarus, Come Forth!  You may not be as familiar with the name Dorcus. She is the woman Peter prayed for and was raised from the dead.  She has two names; Tabitha, her Jewish name, and Dorcus her Greek. It seems it wasn’t too uncommon to have two names in biblical days. Remember Simon/Peter, Saul/Paul? This week we have Dorcus/Tabitha.

At the beginning of chapter 9 of Acts, Paul has his miraculous road to Damascus experience. And chapter 10 begins with the account of Peter having a vision to take the Gospel to the Gentiles. Sandwiched between are a few verses mentioning a woman raised from the dead.  From these verses we know Dorcus was a disciple. (The only time in the New Testament that a woman is referred to as a disciple.) Does this mean she walked with Jesus as one of his followers? Maybe. Some scholars agree so. But we do know that she made garments and coats to give to others. And we know she helped the needy with her gifting to sew. We know she had many friends. And we know the Apostle Peter knew her well enough to leave where he was preaching and walk over half a day’s journey to pray for her resurrection.

In our group we have discussed the handful of verses from Acts 9 about this precious woman. We have gathered the evidence from the surrounding scriptures, piecing them together to share with you our opinion, sentiment and reactions regarding this not-so-recognizable, miraculous account tucked between two well-known stories from the book of Acts.

~ ~ ~

We are a Small Group of women, who like Dorcus, chose to use our gifting to help others…through writing. This week we will post a different authors inking each day, devotional style, giving the reader, a greater insight into our Heavenly Father and His love for us through our writing on Dorcus.

~  Cindy Willingham

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